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Scania 4 osiowa 8×4 Hakowiec

Scania 4 axle 8×4 Hooklift

Year of production: 2012
Chassis configuration: 8×4
Construction: hook

1st and 4th axle – steered axles
Mileage: 430,000 km
Engine power: 480 HP
Exhaust gas purity standard: EURO V
Automatic Transmission
Pneumatic suspension
Max. total weight: 32,000 kg
Operating weight: 13,773 kg
Maximum weight of the Scania + trailer set: 70,000 kg
RECODRIVE system (vehicle control during operation without the presence of the driver in the cabin)
CMT asphalt thermos

Very rich equipment.

Full hydraulics for the installation of other replaceable hook body modules, including: load box with HDS, salt and sand spreader, container, tipper, tow truck and many others.

RECO DRIVE wireless control system.
The car can be radio-controlled and does not require the presence of the driver in the cabin while the vehicle is operating.

The car has been technically inspected.

THERMOS for asphalt masses, capacity 12m³.
It guarantees no heat loss of the transported material.
Additional insulation at the top of the thermos.
Automatic opening of the top of the thermos.

SPRIDER – a device for spreading asphalt and adding crushed stone.

Type – SPRIDER M-25S.

Year of production – 2015.
Efficiency – up to 30 t/h.
Recommended granulation of the spread mass or crushed stone is up to 32 mm.
Control system
– electromagnetic valves.
Radio control – Scanreco.
Multi-plane arm work.
SPRIDER has a manufacturer’s warranty.

The set is ready to work.

Scania 4-osiowa 8×4 Hakowiec

1:a och 4:e axeln – styraxlar
Motoreffekt: 480 hk
Avgasrenhetsstandard: EURO – 4
Manuell växellåda
Pneumatisk fjädring
totalvikt: 32 000 kg
Arbetsvikt: 14 210 kg
Max släpvikt: 44 000 kg
RECODRIVE-system (fordonskontroll under drift utan närvaro av föraren i kabinen)
CMT asfaltstermos

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