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Sprider – Equipment

Folding tilt Fliptop

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A large part of the heat loss during transport asphalt is caused by leaky and poorly insulated covering systems. Folding tilt Fliptop is a hydraulically controlled system covering the chest, which, thanks to some effective solutions minimize temperature loss during transport asphalt.
Fliptop tarpaulins design is very stable and its material remains tight and closed position covering all corners and edges, so that external weather conditions do not affect the temperature of the asphalt. Tilt Fliptop best meets their task in conjunction with the mat insulation Combi-Therm. Combi-Therm is composed of fibers made on the basis of the inner insulation and heat-reflecting outer shell can be in direct contact with the hot asphalt.

Please visit the company’s website Fliptop where to find more information.

Removable trailer CMT


Removable trailer CMT, equipped with fastening hooks Sprider system is constructed in such a way that for a long time are kept warm asphalt. Construction of transmission can be adapted to customer specifications.

Together with CMT SpriderMaskiner company has also designed a high chute cargo box of asphalt on the frame to hook system for demountables, which is a good option for customers who want to have available an additional charge of material and the possibility of dumping it into the box where Sprider device is installed. (



RECODRIVE is a system enabling remote and wireless control of the truck, which was built on the base through the installation of electronic systems and servo on the chassis.

Sprider device can be easily integrated with external control system RECODRIVE by applying the same radio control system. The radio receiver can be mounted in the truck, so that the system can be used RECODRIVE even when not using the Sprider.
Efficient and ergonomic

RECODRIVE and Sprider work together in an effective way, and the driver can move the vehicle a short distance without repeatedly getting out of the cab and going to her. As a result, the driver can directly eg., Standing at the tonneau oversee the unfolding mass or other work carried out by car. This also contributes to improving the working conditions of the driver.


RECODRIVE system is manufactured and installed by JPC Plumber.

The company sells RECODRIVE SpriderMaskiner and deals with the integration of control devices
Sprider and RECODRIVE.